Why do we call our website NorthTreasure.com? We are located in Northern Canada and we specialize in finding treasures that you won't likely find anywhere else! For example we even have thousands of California poppy seeds available! And navy ship's crests, antiques, books, domains and a surprising amount of stock that even the monster retailers don't have!

My name is Ron Battiston and if you have any questions or ideas or wish to share some information please contact me via e-mail. We have several categories and are often adding more items.

I really enjoy finding artefacts which link our present back to the past. And it is surprising how often the quality back then exceeds what we have today! We also are registered Publishers and have some interesting titles for you. We have happy customers all over the world and we have enjoyed working in e-commerce for over 20 years!  Thanks for visiting and we hope that you enjoy the site!




We own three additional businesses which are online to serve you:

SuperiorWebs.com This is our web design and consulting service. We approach the subject differently from most web design firms. Check us out!

Battiston Publishing  We are registered Publishers with the National Library of Canada as of 1996 check out our books on  Winter Driving and Business in Canada.

BigCanuck.com  This is our hosting company. We provide service to our SuperiorWebs.com clients and have a link to an excellent web host in Texas that we have been dealing with for several years. 

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