The Internet is changing -What the heck is going on?? We now have over a billion websites on the Internet!!! And you just found this one! 

Welcome to our website! We provide web services to the English speaking world. We are located in Canada and have been involved in e-commerce for over 20 years. 

Today we have serious problems with the internet. First of all there are over one billion websites! With that many websites there is a huge amount of competition for sales. Basic economics will tell you that when you increase supply you decrease prices and when you decrease prices you decrease profits which is the reason that items are sold. If your expenses exceed your revenue you will go out of business. And there are more problems. 

Today there is a huge amount of criminal activity on the Internet. Billions of scam e-mails requesting information and money from you are circulated every day. We all get this unwanted e-mail. In our case we get hundreds of scam e-mails every day. The more e-mail addresses you have the more scam e-mails you will get. 

Advertising on the Internet is experiencing severe problems. Users are now installing programs which block ads like Adblocker and now when you visit sites like Google where they make all their revenue from ads the advertising is removed. Millions of users have installed these programs and this means that if you are a business and have paid for internet ads the ads are not working! And if your ads are not working your sales will decrease and with lower sales your income will fall and you will go out of business. Not a good trend! 

At this time we are very cautious in suggesting to you that you start a website or spend significant funds on yours to try and increase your viewers and sales. Yes we can help you but only with your understanding that there are problems in the Internet today and that if you wish to advertise your products you will need to consider several methods including marketing, facebook, traditional advertising and other venues. 

So with that introduction you now have a better idea of where we are coming from and how we operate. We are honest and fair. We have zero interest in making any money from you unless we can increase your revenue and earn a fair portion of it. 

My e-mail address is and I look forward to discussing the services you require and how we can help!

Ron Battiston owner of

What follows is a link to some of the domain names we have for sale and a huge source of other names which total in the millions! 






We have placed our domain names for sale on Sedo, a well established company from Germany with over 16 million listings and an excellent reputation. 

Here is a list of some of the unique domain names we have for sale today. The names are very unique and easy to remember and there are lots of potential to use them for interesting websites if you wish to invest in the internet at this time.  Please  remember that these sales are on a first come first served basis and there is only one of each.

If none of the names appeal to you please click on the box below where you can find 16 million more! Finding a good affordable domain name can sometimes take many hours and be quite frustrating because most of the good ones are already taken and the really good ones are pretty expensive. Another good reason to consider the names we have here!  Thanks! If you have any questions my e-mail link is below this box and I would be happy to help!



   Email : Ron for more info.

Web Hosting. We have been using Hostgator in Texas for several years and they do a great job at a fair price so we are recommending them to you.

LINKS  One of our several websites. Here we have interesting and useful manuals and titles at very reasonable prices and fast downloads.  We have been a registered Publisher in Canada since 1996 and have some very interesting titles for you to read! Most books are in print and e-format. A very interesting collection of military artifacts and other one of a kind items which you may never find anywhere else. We started this website back in 2012 to promote the idea of incorporating the Canadian built CL-415 water bomber the best water bomber in the world into the Canadian air force. Our objective was to prevent forest fires, save assets and develop more good paying jobs. We have no financial interest in the idea nor do we have any connection to suppliers. We are simply trying our best to solve some problems! 

INTERPOL CYBER CRIME An interesting site about the types of cyber crime on the internet well worth reviewing. There have been some major changes in cyber crime lately and it is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Sarah MacDougall "Sometimes you lose Sometimes you win". Sarah is one of Canada's best singers and this is one of my favourite songs!

Bryan Adams "the Ric a Dam Doo" One of Canada's best Regiments the PPCLI Sung by the wives of our soldiers.