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Why does this 1937 Olds designed and built in the USA without computers or transistors still work well and look better than "modern" cars.?? We have the original paper work for one. You won't believe the price they sold at. Would look great framed in your den or garage or business!



Designed and built in Canada these Royal Canadian Navy warships were the "Cadillac's" of all navies and the best ships afloat with the best sailors on the planet! In addition to powerful weapons systems these ships carried prodigious amounts of duty free sprits which made them the most popular ships in any foreign port. They served when Canada had a real navy with an Aircraft carrier and thousands of well trained sailors. "Sending out the fleet" meant more than shipping out in a solitary destroyer for a lonely six month deployment.


Two 1990 Audi V8 $2500 for two Audi's This is the top of the line flagship model. Yikes! SOLD

1997 Crown Victoria LX $1500 SOLDThe last of the body on frame North American full sized cars and made in Canada too!

1980 Dodge Ex BC AmbulanceSOLD rare vehicle for sale, 12 foot box! Runs on cheap propane!

1992 Mazda MPV BC vehicle no rust! $500 daily driver SOLD

Auto Collectors! A very unusual find. 5 original documents from the sale of a 1937 Oldsmobile in Portland Oregon. These are originals in excellent condition as they were placed into the dealers files over 70 years ago. Suitable for framing and display. An affordable and thoughtful gift for any car buff and would look great displayed in your office or home.




Poppy Seed Blowout Excellent prices on huge 1000 seed packages of Poppy seeds from BC. You absolutely need poppies in any garden because they look so nice. Even Wal-Mart or the big garden stores can't touch us on this one! Ha!


YOUR VERY FIRST BILLION  An excellent book on business from Battiston Publishing, 420 pages published 2008. Contains information normally not available and will appeal to businesses of all sizes from start ups to multi-nationals. Its the best book on business published in a very long time. Very funny too! We identify Canadian billionaires and how they got there. The big secret is that you don't need to work any harder to make a billion than to make a million but you do need to do different things. For example a Ma and Pa corner store business will never make a billion dollars. We also explain how business really works in Canada and it's something that is not politically correct and almost never mentioned in the media or in other books. In a way this is a course in business with all the information you normally learn after learning the hard way for a a few years. Unlike most other books this one is readable, funny and thought provoking. It is available in print and instant download formats. 

The Canadian Winter Driver's Handbook Ed2  We wrote this book because there was no comprehensive handbook on winter driving in Canada and it is based in part on our Feb 9 2009 winter road trip from Victoria BC to North Bay Ontario a distance of 4487 KM which we covered with two drivers in an amazing 78 hours 53 minutes. All the more amazing in that we did in it a 17 year old Mazda MPV mini-van that we purchased for $300. So we proved that it can be done on a budget. We also include dozens of driving tips based on millions of safe driving miles to help your greatly reduce your risks in road trip driving both in the summer and winter months. 207 pages, illustrated, small enough to fit in your glove compartment a great gift for any driver contemplating a safer trip outside their safe urban setting on the open roads. Available in instant download format and printed format. A practical book that could very well save your life or a family member and prevent a serious injury! This is the second edition of what has become the best handbook on winter driving in the world! This handbook has the potential of saving thousands of lives and billions of dollars - you need to read it and apply what you have learned. 

Harvest Gold War Edition McColl-Frontenac Farm manual 1943 An amazing collectable from the second world war. SOLD


GARDNER L3 ENGINE Spare Parts Catalogue -very rare- we have one copy! SOLD

HONDA QR50 motorbike shop manual 1983  Son of a gun you found it! NOW AVAILABLE ON CD TOO!!!

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