My name is Ron Battiston . We operate from Northern Canada and ship to customers all over the world. Comments and ideas are always welcome and I hope that you enjoy the site! 

I have just returned from one of our warehouses in British Columbia and will be placing some very interesting items online as time permits. We had a wonderful road trip across Canada and got to see much more than you see at 30,000 feet in a jet. If you have never made a road trip across Canada yet my suggestion would be to place that on your bucket list! It doesn't matter which Province you are in Canadians are friendly and happy people! There are a vast number of very interesting views from the Ocean to the mountains to rivers and lakes and the vast regions in our Prairie Provinces where we grow crops for the world! 

On our road trip we stopped in Northern Ontario in Wawa to see the world's largest Goose!

Remember every day is a gift so have a great day!