From Northern Canada -where it snows too much!

This is an unusual website. We sell merchandise here which is often rare and difficult to find.   We have been selling on the internet for over 20 years and we have two simple rules. Be fair and honest! We have customers all over the world and ship anywhere served by a post office! Welcome to our website!

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This website is owned by Ron Battiston. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please contact me via email. Please note that all our sales are over the internet and we do not maintain a retail "bricks and mortar storefront".


Battiston Publishing  We are registered Publishers with the National Library of Canada as of 1996 and we have two titles which represent two of the best books every published on Winter Driving and Business in Canada. This is our web design and consulting service. We approach the subject differently from most web design firms. We feel that with the millions of people attempting to sell items on the web these days that web commerce for individuals and small companies is in decline. There is also a huge amount of crime and unethical advertising occurring today. We will only work for you if we feel that your idea has a chance of success.  This is our hosting company. We can provide  you with hosting services but would prefer that you use our host which we have  a link to. They have provided us with excellent service and very fair prices for several years.