We have a very interesting collection of one of a kind merchandise that you likely won't find anywhere else even in very large retail stores. Have fun!

My name is Ron Battiston . We operate from Northern Canada and ship to customers all over the world. Comments and ideas are always welcome and I hope that you enjoy the site! 

All the items are priced but I should point out that we do have options. Paypal is the best payment method as it protects both of us and it is quick and efficient and you can use your credit card or bank debit card. And here are the options:

We are all looking for merchandise including me and so the idea of trades surfaces. I would be interested in a working truck, a boat, a motor cycle, travel trailer or older motorhome and in (legal) firearms. We might be able to make a deal without any money changing hands that will make both of us happy! I live in Northern Ontario in Canada so trades may not work well for some items if there are long shipping distances but they might! For example firearms even legal ones cannot be legally shipped across our border with the USA.  So if wish to trade for any items you see on my website just ask.


Check out our merchandise here:


Want to be safe on winter roads? 

In Canada we drive a lot on winter roads with tons of snow and low temperatures and lots of slippery ice and here we share the secrets of how to drive on winter roads with you! That blob of snow in the picture is our car in our driveway! There are ways of staying safe and avoiding accidents and here we show you how. Accidents occur every few seconds on North American roads and it is very good idea to avoid them. We show you how!

This is one of the best books on winter driving in the world!  More details here.   We wrote this book because we see too many people dying and being injured on our roads and every day in Canada we lose 6 people on average that could have lived had they read and applied the ideas in our book. Available in paper and inexpensive e-book format. And like this website we use a different approach some of it not politically correct. This is the only winter driving handbook that you will get a few laughs out of while reading and still learn how to be safe on our roads. Works on summer roads too! And world wide we lose over a million people a year in traffic accidents so this book which was written for tough Canadian winter conditions will also work quite well in your country too! 

If you go too fast around a curve covered with snow this is what happens. It is all related to the co-efficient of friction between your tires and the slippery highway. There is a simple solution! But the problem is that our media and our car manufactures are not telling you. We are. 




We have have additional websites to serve you:


Battiston Publishing  We are registered Publishers with the National Library of Canada since 1996. Check out our books on  Winter Driving and Business in Canada.

CanadaGooseTravel.com  We have two objectives here -to allow you to travel while saving money and to keep safe in what is now a dangerous world. We tell the truth and there is a lot of very useful info here! The travel industry generates over a trillion dollars of revenue per year and they are very careful telling you any facts which could impact that revenue. We just tell the truth to help you save money and be safe!

SuperiorWebs.com This is our web design and consulting service. We approach the subject differently from most web design firms. You might notice that when you review our websites. Check us out!

EarthSweater.com We started this site recently and it is not working correctly yet. The idea is to offer low priced information via automatic downloads and the problem is that the "wordpress program" which we purchased from ebay is not working well! So this one is "work in progress!"

BigCanuck.com  This is our hosting company. We provide service to our SuperiorWebs.com clients and have a link to an excellent web host in Texas that we have been dealing with for several years.

WaterBomberAirForce.com Canada makes the best water bomber in the world the 415 SuperScooper. It can swoop down and in 12 seconds take on a load of over 6100 litres of water to dump on a fire. We decided to do this website to show you how this Canadian aircraft could solve so many problems fighting forest fires that destroy timber resources and cost billions of dollars to fight. We didn't do this to make money we did it to save money and lives and share an idea that would solve a lot of problems! This is a very entertaining website with links to videos showing how the aircraft works. 

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