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As we spin around the sun on our planet (Earth) at 18.5 miles or 30KM per second every spin sees a year go by and what was in the present is now in the past. Here we love the past and offer artefacts that will provide a good link. In many cases the quality in the past is greater than now and as you visit our pages you will be entertained and even surprised. Thanks for visiting and we welcome your comments and suggestions. Ron Battiston.




We have a large collection of Royal Canadian Navy Cap Tally ribbons check them out here.

Thanks for visiting and we hope that you enjoy the site! Now if you see something that looks interesting but the price is a problem then please send us an offer and we will consider it. Our prices are fair but times are tough and we have been in e-commerce long enough to realize that flexibility and happy customers are better than no sales and wondering how to pay the monthly bills! Low ball offers will be considered too but reasonable offers stand the best chance!! A good way of obtaining a lower price is to make an offer for several items. Usually that is an easier way for us to ship and we can reduce your costs too!  I am the owner and if you wish to contact me here is the link: Ron Battiston


Where you find things that might surprise you!

Check out our HMCS GRANBY Crest here.

This is the best book on winter driving in the world!  More details here.   We wrote this book because we see too many people dying and being injured on our roads and every day in Canada we lose 6 people on average that could have lived had they read and applied the ideas in our book. Available in paper and inexpensive e-book format. And like this website we use a different approach some of it not politically correct. This is the only winter driving handbook that you will get a few laughs out of while reading and still learn how to be safe on our roads. Works on summer roads too! And world wide we lose over a million people a year in traffic accidents so this book which was written for tough Canadian winter conditions will also work quite well in your country too! 

If you go too fast around a curve covered with snow this is what happens. It is all related to the co-efficient of friction between your tires and the slippery highway. There is a simple solution!




We have worked in e-commerce for 20 years and and have additional businesses to serve you:


Battiston Publishing  We are registered Publishers with the National Library of Canada since 1996. Check out our books on  Winter Driving and Business in Canada.

CanadaGooseTravel.com  We have two objectives here -to allow you to travel while saving money and to keep safe in what is now a dangerous world. We tell the truth and there is a lot of very useful info here!

SuperiorWebs.com This is our web design and consulting service. We approach the subject differently from most web design firms. Check us out!

EarthSweater.com We just started this site recently to offer you many interesting and useful e-books on how to make money on the Internet and other interesting stuff. We will be adding more ideas here as time permits! Great prices too!

BigCanuck.com  This is our hosting company. We provide service to our SuperiorWebs.com clients and have a link to an excellent web host in Texas that we have been dealing with for several years. 

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