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GUN COLLECTING AND FIREARMS is a world class business with customers all over the planet and we are located in Canada where there are very restrictive rules and regulations on the ownership and use of firearms. Because of these rules and regulations we are unable to buy and sell firearms on the internet however we can offer information about them in the form of books and equipment. 

There are some people out there that strongly believe that ALL guns are bad and there should be no guns. We refer to these people as the "anti gun lobby" or the "Haters" and over time they have been very vocal and have managed to alter laws and regulations to support their positions. They have managed to kill the gun industry in Canada and now all our civilian and police guns and ammunition are manufactured in other countries. 

Veronica Foster the Canadian "Bren Gun Girl" who manufactured Bren machine guns for Canadian troops in WW2. Canadian women manufactured thousands of firearms during WW2.

We believe that there are legitimate uses for guns including our military and police who protect us and hunting and target practice and sports and in some cases protection against animals who may want to eat us! We also believe that the very restrictive controls on legal gun owners in Canada are working to severely limit gun crime and that the criminals that use guns don't follow any rules anyway. And in fact as far as crime goes in Canada more people are stabbed with knives than shot with guns but the anti gun lobby never complains about knives! If you look at the numbers and we like math you will note that in Chicago over four times more people are shot with guns than in the entire country of Canada!. So our very restrictive gun laws do work however it is both expensive and time consuming to obtain gun licenses in Canada and they are very restrictive and require very expensive management so my point here is that there is room for improvement in both countries.


The tiny 25 cal Beretta 950 which is not allowed in Canada because it is a prohibited weapon due to the fact the barrel is less than 4" or 105mm. The main reason that is is prohibited is that being so small it could be carried in a pocket without being noticed. 

This is actually kind of funny but this giant handgun, a .357 magnum is legal in Canada if you have your restricted license. It would do MUCH more damage than the tiny Berretta but it is "legal" because the barrel is longer than 4". An example of how restrictive gun laws sometimes don't make much sense. I am a big guy and I find it very difficult to hold this handgun with just one hand and it certainly would not fit in my pocket!


Here is an example of what happens when you kill off your gun industry as we did in Canada because of pressure from the anti gun lobby. So instead of Canadian made rifles we import rifles from other countries. Here is a picture of an SKS rifle from Russia which is an ex military rifle. Canadians have imported thousands of these for target practice and hunting. This is a ten shot semi automatic rifle but Canadian rules only allow a 5 shot semi automatic center fire so Canadians need to modify the magazine to allow only 5 cartridges at a time. These are excellent rifles and are usually priced quite low compared to new rifles but I would have preferred that we still have a Canadian manufacturer to service our home market. To make it even sillier the SKS comes with a bayonet! You don't need a bayonet to go hunting or target shooting. 

During WW2 Canadian women built thousands of Browning Hi Power 9mm handguns in the John Inglis plant in Toronto - many of which are still being used in the Canadian Army over 75 years later! Canada no longer manufactures handguns and the Canadian governments have been trying to save money and have little interest in equipping our troops with up to date weapons in good operating condition. Parts are no longer made for this handgun and so the Army must take old ones apart for spare parts. Dumb. I think that our forces must have up to date equipment when sent into a combat zone where the enemy has better weapons. They are now saying that it could take another ten years to replace these handguns. I could replace then in one week with a call to Glock and order 10,000 Glock 19's Simple.  The USN Navy seals prefer that model too! 


We have one large lot of 24 cartridge key chains produced by a Canadian builder to a very good quality standard. We have decided to sell the entire lot rather than sell individual cartridges. And here is the reason. If we sell you the cartridges individually we would need to charge you between $10 and $15 each depending on the type of cartridge and then it would cost you approximately $10 for shipping so your cost would be about $22.50 for single purchases. So if we sold all 24 the total cost would be $540 plus tax!!  So rather than do that we are selling the entire lot of 24 for less than half price at $200.00 Canadian and that will include the shipping. Why would you ever want to own 24 cartridge key chains?   There are a few reasons. You might want to keep some yourself. You might wish to give some to some friends. You might wish to trade them for other hunting equipment items. You might want to do something else with them but the bottom line is that you are getting a very fair deal of 24 products with a very good level of quality - genuine cartridges.

Now here is the problem. I often sell items to our customers in the USA and in other countries. However there could be a problem trying to ship real cartridges across borders and so I will only be able to sell this lot to a Canadian address. While the cartridges are safe and contain no powder they look very real because they are real and imagine yourself working in a postal plant or customs office seeing these items and not having a very good knowlege about firearms.  If you still wish to order this lot and have it shipped outside of Canada please send me an e-mail and perhaps we can figure out how to do this and still remain legal. If you are ordering with a Canadian address we will send it to you via expedited parcel with insurance against loss and a tracking number and that cost is included in the price! 


 Purchase this entire lot of 24 real cartridge metal key chains for $200 which includes shipping and handling and insurance and a tracking number to a Canadian address. We just have this one lot available. 



We only have four of these Noble Guard very good quality casted metal wall mount gun mounts.  There are two metal components one which fits in the barrel of your firearm and the other which mounts over your trigger. While you could mount this on a wall you could also drill holes in your firearms locker and mount it on the inside or outside of the locker. There are several different sizes for the barrel width so you could mount say a 22 cal or even a 12 gauge shotgun.  All you need is the key and suddenly you will have very quick access possibly only four seconds to your firearm. For example it may be possible to mount the firearm in your truck or car or ATV or home or motor home or just about wherever you wish to place it. The price is $28.50 EACH  and shipping to North America is $16.50 each. If you wish to purchase all four I can reduce the shipping amount for each one just email me and I will revise the payment button for you



I noticed that we had a very few Winchester stainless steel folding pocket knives in our inventory. The Winchester brand assures a good level of quality. I also like the fact that there is a hole at the back of the handle where one could insert a lanyard -paracord would be best or you could insert a steel ring and use it for keys- or you could leave it as is!  The knife won't rust because it is stainless steel and the design includes a lock when you open the blade. To fold the blade again all you do is press down on the release at the rear of the knife. That way you don't need to worry about the blade retracting when you place some pressure on it. The brand name Winchester is on the blade. You could if you wish have the handle engraved with your name or use it as a gift.  I will include the shipping in the price and we can ship to the USA or Canada.  Unfortunately we only have four left in stock so first come first served!

I will also include a free gift with the knife a 1 gb wrist strap that you can carry a large amount of data on. You could take a picture of your passport, driver's license, credit cards and phone numbers and addresses and lots of stuff like that and download it to your free bracelet and now you have a record just in case you loose your wallet or somebody takes it! 

Price including free shipping and handling and the free 1GB bracelet gift is $42 USD




So what follows is a selection of useful information on firearms and a section of firearms equipment. We do not sell or purchase firearms because our rules in Canada prevent that. If you check the internet there are several excellent Canadian companies with store front operations that sell firearms online. A good one is Ellwood Epps  near Orillia Ontario.

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Do-It-Yourself Gunsmithing by Jim Carmichel

This is a collectable book and it is fabulous. It was published over 40 years ago in 1977 and so you have an opportunity to review information on guns dating back to that era. Remember this would be before computers and plastic stocks and cheap construction methods.  Jim includes several photos he has taken himself and they too are excellent. He shows you all aspects of gunsmithing and how with relatively simple tools you can learn to repair and maintain and modify firearms. 

Basically you can go from very little if any knowledge about firearms to a state where you maintain and repair and modify them and there are even detailed instructions for building them too. As a fire arms collector or user you could in fact start with a very basic firearm and add considerable value to it by modifying the stock and metal parts. There is even an opportunity here to generate some income and increase the value of your assets and enjoy yourself too. This really beats playing on a computer or watching TV all day!

There are so many topics it is difficult to list them all here but they include subjects like basic gunsmithing and tools, stockmaking, stock decorations, metalsmithing, making muzzle loaders and even constructing shooting benches. The price for this collectable book is $75.00 Cdn and it includes shipping and handling to North American addresses only. The book condition is good for the cover and very good for the pages. There is slight aging of the paper as you might expect from a 40 year old book but overall it is in very good condition. We have one copy available.