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Welcome to Ron's RECYCLED CAMERAS Page! 

 I love Cameras!  Why? I worked as a  Professional Photographer. This was back in the 70's and 80's before digital cameras entered the market. Film cameras had reached the top of their development and lenses and camera bodies and film were all excellent. They were also very heavy as you had to carry at least three lenses -wide angle, normal and telephoto. And you could also buy close up and very wide angle lenses and very powerful telephoto lenses. I had a good collection. Then in the 90's I owned a couple of businesses that offered services and products on the internet and I put my film cameras away. Digital cameras were introduced and the first ones out were in one word lousy. However quickly they became excellent.  I started to collect digital cameras and used them on my websites. 

But looking over my collection of digital cameras i realized I have approximately 50 of them all of which work well but only two or three of them which I use regularly.  So this is why I started this page up. But first a warning.

The older digital cameras are not as advanced as the new ones but some of them actually have some advantages. For example, some of the older cameras use standard AA batteries which often are more useful in an isolated area without power battery chargers! You can leave one in the glove compartment of your car just in case you ever have an accident or you go to a parking spot and somebody hits your car. Just take a picture for your insurance company and you have it all documented. You might not want to leave an expensive new camera in your car!

Some of the construction on the older cameras are actually better than the all plastic and cheap metal newer ones. So my point here is that although some cameras are really not that good others are and they are also much less expensive than the newer ones. Last point the size of the images were once fairly small but today you can have one photo taking up lots of space when you really don't need a photo that detailed. If you use your camera mainly for internet work you simply don't need or want a high definition camera taking up megabytes of storage. So again the older ones are actually better! 

And one last point. Most of us have cell phones with cameras in them and this causes most of us to just use the cell phones. But there is a problem. When you are in bright lights you can hardly even see the image on your cell phone screen. But with the older digital cameras many of them have view finders and display screens and if it is too bright you can use the view finders and get an excellent picture. In 2003 smart phones started to skyrocket in production numbers. Compact digital cameras started to grow in production in 2000 but only did that for nine years then production plummeted and they are down to very low levels today while smart phones have almost completely taken over. 

So most of my digital cameras are in the 2000 to 2009 production years. Although they got progressively better smart phones have taken over. There is a level of complexity with digital cameras in other words some are relatively simple to use and others are very complicated and you need to invest time in reading the manuals and instructions. But what i have found out is that if you concentrate on just one of them you begin to understand what it will do and then you have a much better alternative for taking pictures than your cell phone. And because so many people stopped using their compact digital cameras and started using their cell phones instead we have lots of older digital compact cameras with almost no use on them in excellent condition. A camera that was once 300 or $400 dollars plus tax is available now for a very reasonable price! And one amusing fact about the newer digital cameras is that often they use tiny rechargeable batteries which need a special battery charger and it is so much easier just to plunk a couple of standard AA cells in them. And much cheaper too! 

There I shared some of my knowledge about cameras learned from experience using them professionally. I will be placing a few of my extra digital cameras on this page at really good prices. All of them are in very good to excellent working condition.    

So lets look at some of these recycled cameras!


This camera is in very good condition and in addition to having a display it also has a viewfinder making it very easy to use in all lighting conditions.

Here is a link to a review for this camera with more details on it's features.

We just have one. The price is $25 cdn and shipping and handling to any location in North America is $16.50 in a Canada Post expedited parcel. I will also include a small case for it and just to entice you a bit more will also include a small but nice gift at no additional cost! If you are purchasing from a location outside of North America than is fine as we ship to happy customers all over the world- but I need to check out the shipping costs first and you can contact me here



Now this is a very nice camera in nearly new excellent condition. It originally sold for approx $300 US new. The case is a really professional looking leather and the camera automatically turns on when you slide the lens cover to the side. It has a lot of features and I have a link to them here.  

There was quite a lot of competition from the big camera manufacturers from 2000 to the 2009 era. And here just about everything about the camera is excellent It is in as new condition. The price is approximately 85% off the original price of $300US so you are getting a great deal. We only have one and you can own it by clicking on the button below. The packaging and shipping to a North American address is $18.50 and we we use expedited Canada post with a tracking number. If you are outside North America not a problem just send me your address and I will check with the post office to see what the shipping would be. We ship all over the world and shipping is usually reasonable. The Camera is $55.00 CDN and that includes the leather case and a disk.  We also include a small gift with our shipping. We only have one and here is the purchase button: 



This is a nice little camera with positives and negatives. One positive is that it will take a very good picture. One negative is that the viewing screen is a bit small. But it also has a viewfinder making it easier to use in bright sunlight. The controls are simpler that more complicated cameras. I have a link here for you that gives you much better detail check it out here. 

It has a flash, takes close ups, movies, and like most digital cameras you will need to study the instructions a bit to get the best use from it. It takes 2 AA cells and a standard SD disk. The condition is very good and I don't think it has had much use. An advantage is the size which is not too big and not too small so is good to hold. The case is plastic  but looks like metal and it too is in very good condition.  When it came out around 2005 the price was in the $200US range. In Canada it would be a bit more and there would be sales tax too. We have one in stock and the price is ONLY $19.50 CDN.  The packaging and shipping by expedited Canada Post with a tracking number to a North American address is $16.00 and to entice you a bit I am including a small gift with the camera.  If you are located outside of North America no problem just let me know where you are and I can check the shipping for you. 



This little Sony Camera is fantastic!  It is in very good condition with only minor wear and it does so many things I have a link to a YouTube that explains all that here  It also comes with a very nice high quality leather container and a battery charger for the lithium battery.  It is very small so you can slip it into your pocket rather than carry it in the case. Carl Zeiss lenses are excellent. It also has something called a "super steady" feature which prevents blurring when you take pictures. In fact it has a lot of features included a viewfinder which on sunny days is even better than the large viewing screen it also has. 

I have a Samsung camera and can tell you from experience that although it is an excellent smart phone on a bright day you can't see the images on the screen. With this Sony camera you simply use the viewfinder and no problem!  

This camera is 2008 vintage and when it came out it was in the $300 USD range. We have only one. It is pink aluminum and that is why I am selling it. I love the camera but pink is not my color.

The price of this camera is $52 Cdn and shipping/handling by expedited Canada Post is $16.50 for a North American address. If you wish to have it shipped to an address outside of North American just send me a note letting me know and I will check out the shipping cost for you. We ship all over the world and usually the costs are quite reasonable. Also in an attempt to make up for the actual shipping cost I will include a nice small gift!  



This is a very nice camera in very good condition with very little wear. Check out the details about in the link I am providing.  When this camera first came out it was expensive over $300 US with tax added to that! The price now is $50 cdn and it comes with a genuine Toshiba neck band and a lens cover. I noticed on very minor problem with this camera when you placed the lens cover on. It sometimes popped off. There is an easy fix. If you push the adjustable edges of the lens cover out it stays on and when you want to take the cover off you just push the two buttons on the side in. I think what has happened here is that the little spring under each button has become weaker. But that is a very small problem with an very easy fix.   

It uses a standard SD disk and 4 standard AA batteries. There are a lot of options with this camera and several connections that could also be used. For example if you wanted to put rechargeable AA batteries in you could plug in a charger to charge them up and there is another one for a mic, for sending pictures to your computer It also takes movies!  It gives you several choices on pictures and is a 2.0 mega pixel camera which would be an advantage for using the images online or for images up to say 8X10. I like this camera because it is good to hold it is not too small and it does just about anything you want it to do!

Here is a link to a review for this camera with more details on it's features

The total price is $50cdn and shipping to a North American address via Canada Post expedited shipping is $18.50. That includes a tracking number and proof of delivery. If you wish to purchase it from outside North America just send me an e-mail and I will check out the shipping cost to your location. We ship all over the world and that will not be a problem. I will also include a nice little gift with this camera. We just have one camera like this and you can purchase it with the following button: