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Welcome to our Jewelry and Gems Page! 

We have quite a large collection of very interesting very beautiful gems and jewelry both at the entry level and higher value items. Our overhead is low and that allows us to offer you very fair pricing.  If you have any questions or suggestions just send an e-mail and I can usually get back to you the same day!  Thanks!


This is a very attractive small bird pendant approx. 3.5cm high and wide. The detail is excellent and there are several colors of glass (5) in this hand crafted pendant.   It is new and unused. The price is quite affordable at $9.50 with shipping and handling of 6.50. If you purchase more than one item we can also reduce the shipping cost. There is an inexpensive yet functional knit black string cord on it which you can keep or even replace with another chain that you may already have.  There is certainly a lot of artistic skill in the person who made this!




If you were really rich and could afford several thousand dollar pendants then this one using genuine gems would be a great investment. The diamonds would cost several hundred dollars and the blue gem likely about one thousand with another thousand or so to put it together and cover selling expenses. This is a beautiful piece of jewelry. But it is not expensive. Your cost is $18.50 and the shipping and handling is $6.50  New unused. One only. 



This is a Burmise Ruby and it looks beautiful! At 2.7 cts it would be perfect for a ring. You might expect a burmise ruby like this to sell in the $500 USD range. But this is and we can give you a much better deal. The price of this faceted ruby is $95 usd and we will include the shipping, handling and insurance at no additional cost! Remember this is a real ruby not an artificial gem. There is nothing wrong with artificial gems but real gems are nicer because each one is beautiful and unique. The luck to find the gem then the skill required to cut and polish it are a legacy that real gems include. You can use this gem immediately or store it in your safe or bank deposit box. It would make a wonderful and valuable gift and a good investments because real gem prices are only going up.  


This is a 4.5 ct Burmise Ruby. It is not faceted. The Clarity is type 2 and it is heavily included. One might expect a value of $450USD.We are offering it to you at $75USD and that will include the insurance, shipping and handling. 


These are real pearl earrings! Nice size about 2 cm long and the pearls are about 0.5 cm in diameter so they are not too big or two small. You can never really be sure when you see them in a picture but this is a close up. Remember that red and white are Canadian colors and I suppose if you painted blue in the center you would have red white and blue!  What would you expect to pay for a real pearl earring? Think about how long the oyster took to grow them and how long it took to find them and craft the earrings.  My guess is that the cost would be well over $100. So to be fair and make you happy with we are offering them to you for $10USD and we will need to charge you $5 for shipping and handling because the Post Office insists on charging us for our shipments! But they do a good job right to your door so that's fair! These genuine pearl earrings would make a great gift or you could use them yourself. They are new and so nobody has used them yet!