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TRonwo pictures of the same watch that sort of looks like a Rolex!

I think that most of us know what a Rolex looks like. The Rolex submariner sells for about $8000 US so by the time you paid the tax and delivery and insurance it would likely be close to $9000 or perhaps even more depending on the model. I own a few Rolex watches. Call me lucky. But do you really want to pay that much for a watch for every day use? Do you want to go on a vacation to a poor area of the world wearing that watch? The Rolex is a brilliant watch and the submariner is excellent as a Diver's watch. There are alternatives and this watch is one of them. 

It may look like a divers's watch but I would never take it diving. On the back the watch is stamped "shower proof"  That means it is not a divers's watch!  But it looks very similar to a Rolex Submariner! Other people looking at it quickly might think you own a Rolex. But you don't.  This watch is recycled in good working condition with a fresh battery.  The price is $25.00 and shipping and handling is $6.50. As an incentive I will also include this second watch for no additional cost. Free!

This watch will only fit a young person with a small wrist. It is an example of the lower end of made in China watches. It sort of looks like it has three dials but that is just for looks. The two buttons on the right side are just for appearance. But it does work and I have placed a new battery in it. And most important is is free. And it should be free. You can give it to a young person as a gift if you wish and they will like it! Then they will like you! Or you could take the battery out and take a hammer to it. Surely there is something you could do with it! If you have a young boy perhaps he would like to wear it when you wear yours! Then you would both be happy. 

Then after thinking about it a bit it occurred to me that you might not have a boy you might have a girl and this is not a girl's watch. So I asked one of our office staff what should we do. She sort of looked at me strangely and said "Are you dumb Ron? -just add a Subway girls watch for Free!" Then she laughed and went off for coffee.   But being the boss I realized that I could do better than that! So I am including TWO free Subway watches a pink one and a blue one.


  And then it hit me. What if the person buying the watch that sort of looked like a Rolex had a couple of kids and was married too. His wife would be pissed off with him! And then it hit me. All I had to do was include a recycled watch for his wife too!! For Free!  And I had a decent one the watch band was leather and it did have some wear on one end but FREE is important and if one wanted to they could always change the band anyway. So I added this one:


So that is the deal at Ron's Recyled Watches. You pay $25 and $6.50 for shipping/handling for the one that sort of looks like a Rolex but isn't really a Rolex and you get 4 more for free and everyone is happy! All the watches are working and all have fresh batteries.





Some people simply wish to purchase ONE watch at a time. That's reasonable. You might see a watch that you like or like one you had at one time. The watches here are mainly vintage in that you won't see them in stores anymore. Production of watches changed from Switzerland and the USA to Japan, the Far East and China as technology changed from mechanical to quartz. The quality standards changed too. Standards were high in Switzerland and the USA and Japan. Good quality watches were also made in the far east but quality in China changed over the years as they took over most of the watch production business. Let me give you an example.

Recently I was in a Giant Tiger Store in Canada and they were having a sale on watches from China originally priced at $10 and they were marked down to $6. They came in cases. So when you do the math those watches were likely made for around $1 or $2 each. Lets give them the benefit of the doubt and suggest that they sold their watches to the retailer for approximately $4 each delivered. They used the cheapest possible parts and here is the problem When the battery wears out after about one year the cost to change the battery exceeds the selling price. So people often toss their watches and buy new ones. You may think that that is stupid but in fact China understands the market and they are purposely selling millions of very inexpensive watches each year because they know that after about one year they can sell you another one! And since the watches all have quartz movements if you replace the battery they will continue to work well for years!  

This is why as a hobby and because we just like watches we have started to recycle watches. The vintage watches are actually a higher quality than they cheap watches you see today. 

So here are some more watches available as single sales. If you want more than one just email me because I can reduce the shipping costs. 


This is a very interesting vintage watch with Swiss parts. Why is it interesting? First of all the second hand is a tennis ball and that is very unusual. You can't really see any arm which is connected to it and so it appears that the tennis ball is rotating around the watch. But it gets even more interesting. You can see the three controls on the right side of the case. The middle one sets the time. But if you look closely at the watch you will see a day dial around the outside and below that a day of the month dial. The top control rotates the day dial and the bottom one rotates the month dial and suddenly you have a calendar!  The watch has very little if any wear and is in excellent condition. The strap is genuine leather with an interesting tennis theme sewn on. This is a very unusual watch in that it is the only one I have ever seen. It is vintage in that my guess is that it is approximately 20 or more years old. The fact that it has minimal if any wear increases it's value. The price is $65 and shipping and handling is $6.50. It would be an excellent collectable and if you or your partner or friend love tennis it is the watch for you! It has a fresh battery and works very well. It is a watch with many intriguing features. The statement that parts are Swiss indicates quality but the watch was likely assembled in another country. There are no identification marks on the stainless steel back however it is an attractive and interesting watch and I think you will really enjoy it!





This watch has an easy to read face and is in very good condition for a vintage watch. It has a fresh battery and works well. The price is quite low at $9.50 with $6.50 for shipping and handling. 


Vintage Carry All Presentation Watch

Timex Quartz Indiglo with an illuminated watch face


This watch is very interesting for two main reasons. It is a presentation watch by the Carry All company and it has an indiglo face. This technology came out in the mid 1990's and used a electroluminescent panel to allow the entire face to light up with an attractive bluish green light when the crown was pushed. So it is very easy to read the time in low light conditions.  The watch is in good condition and shows signs of wear but it all is working well. The expandable metal watch band is comfortable A new battery has been installed and the watch keeps very good time. The watch is a higher quality than you see today. The price is $35 with shipping and handling of $6.50



Youth (smaller wrist) Artron Dress Watch very good condition. Japan movement, attractive and gold and silver colour. Adjustable metal band but remember this would fit a smaller wrist. I say that because it won't fit mine and i have a bigger wrist!

Looks great! Very Dressy. Water resistant with a stainless steel back too!

$12.50 with shipping handling of $6.50