Ron Battiston Art


I love Art! I blame my Mom who was a fantastic Artist and I suspect that she got some of that from my Grandfather who also was a great Artist. I began my Art in the primary grades and enjoyed it through high school and I also studied Art at the University I graduated from although it was in another major. I also worked as a professional photographer before spending more time in management and business. And now I have decided to get back into Art again. I still love it and I have included some of my art in books that my publishing company has published. 

I like to combine humor and art where possible because it gives one a smile and that helps give more meaning to the shapes and colors. 

The series I am presenting to you here are all done on index cards with magic markers and crayola crayons. Some art the 5X7 sizes are also on canvas backed medium. They are not mounted as you would probably prefer to pick your own frames and that also allows me to offer the art to you at a lower price! I did place a few in frames just to give you an idea of what they look like in frames. The frames are free but in some cases I have added a bit for mailing depending on the price of the art because sometimes the price was so low that if I placed them in a frame the shipping cost would be more than the art! To protect my copyright the images are just a bit out of focus and shown at low resolution. The colors are actually quite nice but in a digital world with various monitors the actual colors of the art will be better.  The prices include shipping and the drawings will be carefully packaged. 

Please note that some of my art is signed and some is not. I did that because in some cases if the art was used for design purposes the signature could be in the way. I would be happy to sign them if you wish Just ask! -either on the front or back and each purchase will come with a receipt which will identify me as the Artist.. 



3"x5" "Eye Quit" by Ron Battiston -You would be surprised how this attracts attention and smiles in an office or home situation. Sometimes it generates worry too! Here we mix an image of what looks like an Eye with the capital letters QUIT in red and two exclamation marks. The yellow background helps attract attention and the green gives the image depth. Original art. Includes a padded package and shipping to your address $25 cdn. Here I have placed it in a wood frame for display. I can include that frame if you would pay an additional $10 for shipping. If you prefer another frame for the place you wish to locate it no problem the delivered price is then back to $25 Canadian. 


3.5X5" "The Cup is Half Empty, Cracked with Cat Pee by Ron Battiston Your first reaction to this drawing is shock and then humor then you start to think about it! Why is the cup cracked? Why is if full of Cat pee? Why is the cat so small and the cup so big? What is the cat doing? The cat is looking at you! Original Art, Includes a padded envelope and shipping to your address $40 cdn


Four Trump related drawings 3"X5" each by Ron Battiston -The US election is one of the most interesting in history. Who will win? There has been a lot of humor a lot of anger and a lot of hate! I look at it from a slightly different point of view where humor is part of the picture. It would be fun to frame all drawings in one frame or have separate frames and place them together on a wall. Each of them will generate a smile and a discussion. The full set is $100 Cdn which includes a padded envelope and shipping to your location. Lots of potential and fun here!


5X7 Canvas board "TRUP" by Ron Battiston

This drawing is done on Canvas board and I've used Crayola Crayons and a collection of permanent markers. When you take a photograph of a person you usually get an exact image of them but when you do a drawing or painting you can pretty much do what you want to. In this case I included the American Flag and a rendition of Mr. Trump showing one of his most prominent features his blond colored hair. He often wears a red tie and a dark suit and a white shirt. I changed that a bit. And I also changed the display of his name. Why? Mr. Trump often will make a mistake when speaking and say something that he later changes. I don't really see that as a problem because he was not raised as a politician and he does seem to say what he thinks a the time he is speaking which to me sounds more honest than being politically correct. This is a standard size so finding a suitable frame should be easy. Original Art by Ron Battiston $50cdn includes padded shipping envelope and shipping to your address. This one looks pretty good and I think that you will enjoy it! One thing that I didn't do here is make fun of Mr. Trump because what he is doing is extremely difficult and he is in a contest that very few people ever enter. 


After getting several requests to "Do Hillary too Please" I thought what the hell why not! So I did this 5X7 on canvas board identical in size to the Donald's picture. I did Hillary without an expensive hair do and instead showed her at the end of a busy day. A person can't help what they look like after the makeup and hair spray wears off. Hillary does have heavy lines under her eyes and at times she does not look very happy. Running for President is likely the hardest job in the world and you can't look  great all the time. And to match the Donald drawing who is looking to the right and slightly I drew Hillary looking to the left and slightly down and both had a flag showing behind them. I did offer the Donald drawing separately but if you wish to purchase both of them you can have both for $60 which is 40% off! They would make a very good couple on a wall after they are framed and with a 5X7 size frames would be very easy to find! Original Art by Ron Battiston both drawings for $60. Packaging and shipping included to your address. 


3"X5" "Fuck Off eh" by Ron Battiston  OK this is a bit rude but it is also a very common phrase in Canada because "eh" is at the end. It is probably said thousands of times per day but it is considered to be "politically incorrect" It does send a message. You could send it to a person that you don't like! You could keep it in a secret spot in your office and only show it when necessary. You could put it where you don't want others to go! You could hang it near your bar! It usually evokes a bit of surprise and sometimes a similar response but often it causes the viewer to smile or laugh. I think it would look quite good in a frame. And remember all our photos are just slightly out of focus to protect our copyright. It is actually quite clear! $15 cdn includes a padded envelope and shipping to your address. I would prefer not to sign this one. If you wish I could initial the back but you could also use your receipt to prove that it is one of my authentic works of art. I have displayed this in metal frame with a couple of dings on it and can include that at no additional price if you pay the additional postage of $10. If you don't like the frame no problem the price remains at $15 shipping included!

3"x5" FIRST by Ron Battiston  This drawing will evoke some interesting reactions from people who see it. Usually their first response is "oh how did you get that? What were you first in?" And this opens up several options. You can say that it is a Ron Battiston drawing! You can say that you came first in a contest and you could tell them the contest was in just about anything you wish. You could say " I'm not telling you!"  and that will make them wonder even more where it came from! With a nice frame this would look great on any wall The colors are attractive the letters have depth there is a swirl surrounding the word that makes you feel a type of action. Original Art. $30 cdn includes a padded envelope and shipping to your location. 

3"X5" "Eye C You" by Ron Battiston  Here I have included a drawing of what looks like an eye followed by the letter C and then the word You.  When a person looks at it they see "I see You" which means that somebody is looking at them! But it is also the same as the Intensive Care Unit in hospitals! So if you placed this in a hospital room or an ICU unit people would smile. The colors are pleasant and the yellow background makes the message stand out even more while the combined colors give it a pleasant appearance. As you stare at it -it seems to stare back at you! That's because it can see you! Possibly a bright yellow frame would work well with this one but that is your decision. Original Art. $45cdn includes a padded envelope and shipping to your location.  I have placed it in an inexpensive frame for no additional cost. If you wish a different frame no problem they are easy to change but this one is free! 

3.5"X5" FOR SALE by Ron Battiston This drawing is very interesting and it evokes many reactions from viewers. There is an element of sexuality here! The Lady is wearing a short dress and her body shape is a bit provocative and you can see the outlines of her breasts and hips. But she is carrying a FOR SALE sign! What is she selling?  And she has an odd look to her face. A large nose and mouth and a hair style which is most unusual. She has one hand behind her back! Why is that? I did this one approximately 9 years ago. It would be a very interesting work of Art in a sales office or in your office or in your home!  It certainly attracts attention and the big question is " What is for sale?"  Original Art $75cdn includes a padded envelope and shipping to your address. You can have lots of fun with this one. Perhaps a red frame?  Your call!


3.5"X5" CRIME IN CANADA + USA by Ron Battiston There are differences between Canada and the USA and this drawing looks at one of them -Crime! The border is a thin blue line that seperates both people who are both victims of crime. The crime homicide is considered. In Canada the most typical cause is a knife but in the US the most typical cause is a gun however the net effect is the same! If you take a closer look both victims are wearing similar clothes blue pants and a green shirt. When people look at this drawing they immediately look at it a bit closer because clearly there is something going on here that is interesting and probably not very good. Most people tend to scratch their heads a bit but soon the message is obvious. This would certainly be an attention getter on any wall.  I would suggest a standard black frame for it and they would be quite easy to find. Original Art by Ron Battiston $35 includes padded envelope mailed to your location. 


3"X5" "MAN WITH A BIG NOSE" by Ron Battiston The size of a person's nose varies. It can be big or small or normal sized. It can look a bit different than other noses. It can be broad or narrow or wide or long or sort or even broken! And often a nose will set the appearance of an entire face. Some people invest thousands of dollars to have the appearance of their noses changed by surgery. In 2014 I drew this picture of a man with a big nose. It is very funny. Why? Well not only does he have a big nose he has big eyes and a very small jaw and an even smaller head. He is mostly nose. When people see him they usually laugh so he is a source of joy. Original Art by Ron Battiston $40 includes shipping in a padded envelope to your address.


3.5"X5" "Opinions of Business"  by Ron Battiston  You may wonder about this one that I drew in 2007. It shows a strange little red animal like figure with a devil's tail, horns and a mouth with large protruding teeth and dark black eyes. It looks like it wants to tell you something to give you it's opinon. As a business owner I understand how business works and how opinions are often given with the objective of making some money which is not a bad thing because if we never made any money we would not be able to pay for our food or rent or anything else we need every day! This drawing has an interesting effect on people. They usually look at it and ask "What is that?" or "What is he trying to do?" You could point at it and say "The devil made me do it!" I suggest that a standard black frame would work fine here and red would be another option. Original Art by Ron Battiston $25 Cdn shipping in a padded envelope to your address is included.


3.5"X5" "WHEN THE DUCKS LINE UP" by Ron Battiston When you are in business for a while you begin to understand that for something to happen certain things need to line up. Each of the three ducks here has a name -Lucky-Money and Time. We do understand business and published what many of our readers have said is "the best book every written on business in Canada called Your Very First Billion The funny thing is that I took courses in Economics at one of Canada's best Universities but after I graduated I realized that they never mentioned the ducks lining up theory about business success. And yet it is so important! So I decided to spread the word and do this drawing. If you own a business or want to own a business I think it would be a great drawing to hang in your office or at home or someplace where every once in a while you could look at it and consider the implications of Ron's duck theory about success in business. You will notice that the blue line representing the water goes up from lower left to upper right but that the ducks are going down! My point here is that they are coming towards you! Now is your chance!  Original Art by Ron Battiston $50 including shipping in a padded envelope to your address. 


3.5"X5" "CANADIAN BUSINESS" by Ron Battiston Yes I am an Artist but I am also a Publisher and Business Owner. This drawing absolutely identifies the very real problems that any Entrepreneur in Canada faces and it also explains why so many Canadian businesses fail within the first five years of their start up! Here we have a woman in a purple dress climbing towards a pot of gold with three anchors tied to her waist. One is Revcan -Revenue Canada the people who collect taxes and demand reports. Then there is another anchor -High Costs which result in high expenses and thus high costs and lower if any profit margins. The last anchor is Govt Regulations and there are thousands of them that the Entrepreneur must follow from the three levels of government in Canada -municipal, provincial and federal all have their rules and regulations to follow and the all cost money. The woman is carrying the Canadian flag which is blowing in the wind. What you are seeing here is a very real representation of what business is like in Canada and what you must do to reach that pot of gold. I have worked in Management in a Canadian bank, in management in a Provincial Ministry of Finance as an Business owner and as an business analyst in a large private sector business so trust me I understand business! And it is fun and so is my drawing!  Original Art by Ron Battiston $50 includes shipping in a padded envelope to your address. 

3.5"X5" "MEN AND WOMEN" by Ron Battiston This drawing depicts Men and Women. Notice the subtle facts about it. Both are the same height! The man is wearing a tie and pants the woman is wearing a pink skirt showing her legs. They are a pair yet there are big differences. They stand together yet they don't seem to be doing anything and they seem to be waiting for your reaction. They are dressed slightly formally. They both have long necks and the woman's hair has a curl and both have big mouths. The main effect here is humor. It is difficult not to look at this one and not smile! Enjoy! Original Art by Ron Battiston $40 includes shipping in a padded envelope to your address. 

3.5"X5" "HAPPY" by Ron Battiston This drawing radiates Happiness. People look at it and smile! You could use a standard black frame and hang it anywhere you wish to evoke happy feelings! You could use it for advertising for your business! I can tell you that when an Artist starts a drawing while they have an idea of where it is going they don't know for sure until after the drawing is completed. The shapes the colours the balance the features all come together to form an image which then generates thoughts from viewers. It is a process which flows from the Artist's brain to their hands to the paper and then from the paper to the eyes of the viewers to their brains and thoughts. It is a type of magic when you think about it! And this drawing evokes happy thoughts! Which is a good thing! Original Art by Ron Battiston $75 cdn includes shipping to your address in a padded envelope. I have placed it in a metal frame which will be included in the shipping, If you don't like the frame you can always put it in another one but it should fit in most locations. 

3"x5" FIRST by Ron Battiston  I did one drawing which said "FIRST" and it is a bit strange how a similar drawing which says "LAST" will evoke such different feelings from viewers. But the question is do we all really want to come first? Or last? Do we want to be the last one to leave a Pacific Island before a hurricane hit it? Do we want to be the last one at a baseball game to get a free hat before they run out? Do we want to be the last one that buys a lotto ticket that actually wins? So my point is that being last is not necessarily as bad as you might thing and being first might not be as good as you might think either. Do you want to be the first one to get the new ticket for distracted driving by playing pokemon? Original Art by Ron Battiston $30cdn includes shipping to your address in a padded envelope. 


3.5"X5" "DO YOU FEEL LUCKY" by Ron Battiston Every once in a while we feel lucky and take a chance and sometimes we win and sometimes not. So do you feel lucky? Original Art by Ron Battiston $7 Cdn includes shipping in a padded envelope to your address. 

5X7 Canvas board "RACHEL NOTLEY" by Ron Battiston After some visitors noticed my drawings of Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton they asked me to do some Canadian politicians. One of my favorites is Rachel Notley. She has a wonderful smile, she tries her very best, is very intelligent and polite. She is one of Canada's best Premiers and I think that there is PM potential there too! She was faced with horrific challenges in Alberta based on the worst fires in Canadian history and a downturn in the economy. But if anyone can handle those challenges I think it is Premier Notley.  So in the drawing I wanted to reflect that Rachel is Alberta's premier so the Alberta crest is in the back right, I wanted to show that smile and I wanted to show her energy and ability to solve problems. I could have made it a bit more realistic but there are so many digital pictures out there now that I thought why not just concentrate on the major factors which set Rachel apart from us average folks! Original Art by Ron Battiston $50 includes padded envelope and shipping to your address. 


5X7 Canvas board "MICHELLE REMPEL" by Ron Battiston

Mrs. Remple is the Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament for Nose Hill in Calgary and has been an MP since 2011. She is very young only 36 and is quite capable of standing up with her opinions and ideas. Very impressive. Here I tried to capture the fact that she represents fellow Canadians in our Parliament with the Canadian flag in the background and I also tried to show her intensity and energy. Politics can be mean so there will be some people who like MPs and others that don't depending on many factors like the party they represent or gender or age or whatever. Mrs. Rempel impresses me and I wish her the best! I don't mix my Art with politics so try to display the best each member displays!  Original Art by Ron Battiston $50 includes shipment in a padded envelope to your address. 

7X5" Canvas board "STEPHEN HARPER" by Ron Battiston 

Mr. Harper is now 57 years old and served as Canada's Prime Minister from 2006 to 2016. That job is exceptionally difficult probably the most difficult job in Canada. So at any given time you will have people who support you and people who don't. Some people will love you and some people will hate you. It is not a job that I would want. And he was PM during very difficult economic times. As an Artist I wanted to be as fair as possible. So I placed the years he was our PM on the top. There are hundreds of thousands of digital pictures of Mr. Harper but not many drawings or paintings. I wanted to get the idea across that he was our leader and that despite the emotions of politics that he deserves recognition and thanks. And so he is looking at us waiting for us to say something. His face is not expressing much just interest. So my message to Mr. Harper is that politics are over and thank you and best wishes for the future!   Original Art by Ron Battiston $100 includes a padded envelope and mailing to your address. We always send our art without a frame for a couple of reasons. It reduces the shipping costs that are normally passed on to the purchaser and it allows you to pick the best color and design for your location. I think that a standard black frame would be best here but it is your call. 


5X7 Canvas board "SARAH PALIN" by Ron Battiston

Sarah Palin is a very interesting Lady. She is 52 years old, a Mom, and the ex Governor of Alaska, she once ran for Vice President, she is a multi millionaire, an Author and a public speaker and member of the Republican Party who can attract tens of thousands to hear her speak. She is very fit, very attractive and has a great sense of humor. One might think that she would be very popular and in fact millions of Americans love her. But because of the way politics works in the USA millions of people also intensely dislike her and make fun of her. As an Artist I prefer to be politically neutral and instead try to portray a person based on many other factors. This drawing does that. And if you have looked at the prices of other drawings on this page you will be a bit shocked when I tell you the price of this one. Original Ron Battiston Art $1000 CDN. Relax you do not need to purchase it but that is the price. That also includes a padded envelope, insurance and shipping to your address. This drawing is very interesting in that when you choose your frame be sure first to decide where you wish to place it. In fact it is easier to test it out first by holding onto the art and placing against different color surfaces. When you do that you will see what I mean. So in other words a frame of one color will look fine on one wall and not fine on another unless the color of the frame is changed. .

Oh and one more thing. Some people will say "That doesn't look like Sarah Palin!"  But you see when an Artist decided to draw or paint something they do so from their perspective and they include things they see. If you look through my images you will see various aspects of the subjects portrayed and other aspects left out. That is what Art is all about. If you wish an exact image of a person simply grab a digital camera and take a selfie of them and yourself. But that is not Art that is simply digital photography which is impressive at times but which only exists in digital form. These drawings are real they are in analogue form and they will last longer than you will. Your digital images may go in the blink of an eye and you may have thousands of them on your hard drive but none on your wall. When you have a work of art on your wall you form a bond with it and that can last many years and even into future generations!  I hope that explains everything or at least it gives you something to think about!  Cheers!

And in this photo I have placed my art in an (inexpensive) wood frame to give you a better idea of how it would look. If you wish you can keep the frame although you may want a different one for display depending on where you wish to place it. Sarah Palin is very popular with some people and she causes a lot of emotional response from others. (Not happy emotions). I have always appreciated her sense of humor, achievements and her love of her country and that's why I completed this art. I hope that you enjoy it too! 




COLLECTION OF ART by RON BATTISTON If you see the obvious investment and enjoyment perspective associated with my Art you may wish to consider purchasing the entire collection shown here which is priced individually at $1942.00 Cdn.  If you wish to purchase all of them I would be quite appreciative and will lower the price to $1500 cdn including the shipping to your location. This is an unusual opportunity for both of us and I think that  we would both be happy. This opportunity will change as individual drawings are sold to new owners so this is a one time offer that will likely change soon. There is a lot of potential here from personal enjoyment to business use to re-sales and potential profit. When you own them all you can set the next price yourself. In fact I suspect that just one drawing has the potential to generate the entire purchase price for the collection if you are able to locate a buyer who loves art has the funds and wishes to purchase it. In other words the proverbial ducks must line up but as we both know often they do!  Original Art Collection by Ron Battiston including shipping to your address $1500 cdn


Thanks for looking and I hope you had some fun! I did! 

Art is a very interesting subject. When an Artist shares their art they know that some people will love it and some won't and some will really dislike it! When they try and sell their art in an Art Gallery the owner wants and needs 50% of the sale price because they have huge expenses and so the poor customers pay twice what the Artist gets for their work.  In my case I also own the website so I don't need to ask twice as much for my Art as I would in a Gallery.  So that gives both of us advantages and I really appreciate your support! 

When you acquire a picture or drawing or painting that you like you will grow to love it even more over the years. And an interesting thing about Art is that often there could be an investment value. Some art goes up in value over the years some goes down some stays the same. And some people love a certain work of art while others don't like it. I realize that I won't last forever and at age 68 I have no idea how many more years I have. And when I go you won't be able to obtain any more Art from me so I suspect the values of my work will only go up!

Also I would like to draw your attention to the difference between digital and real or analogue paintings and drawings. And yes there is a difference! Sometimes we don't think about that because today we see so much on computer screens and smart phones and digital cameras. All the images on this website are digital and taken with digital cameras. In fact to help protect my copyright on my drawings I used a slightly out of focus lens setting so in reality the real drawings are much sharper.  A digital image can disappear with the click of a mouse -poof it is gone. A real drawing or painting is a work of art and it can be displayed on your wall or office and kept for years. It can grow in value while a digital image may never be seen again and will have essentially no value because there are billions of them out there! So while we do live in a world full of digital images we still do have real artistic works available to us and this is what I am offering you on this website! Most digital images are free. They are worth what you would pay for them which is nothing. But real art is different. Imagine how much an artist must pay for materials alone to do a large oil painting on a large canvas. The tubes of some paints are sometimes mind boggling.  I have used crayola crayons and permanent markers and standard media sizes to allow me to offer my Art at affordable prices. Hope you enjoy them!

Ask Mona how much she is worth!!  I saw her at the Louvre in Paris a few years ago and I thought she was fantastic. But what would Mona think today?  Would she like the high prices we see in Art today?  She was worth approximately $780 million dollars in 2015. Sorry Mona but we can't afford you!