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When I grew up we had a great company called the T. Eaton Company founded in 1899. There were Canadian owned and at one time employed 70,000 full and part time Canadians in stores all across Canada. But sadly after 130 years they closed and went out of business in 1999. 

Eaton's had a lot of really good ideas and one of them was their SURPRISE DAY SALES.  Customers loved them and they used those days to move inventory which was building up or not selling. So everyone was happy. They did not make a profit on those items but they did recover some of their funds so that they could re-invest in new products. Their customers loved obtaining quality goods at very low prices!

So I decided to try out the idea on  I hope that you enjoy it! 

Unlike a department store located in one location and only open a few hours each day our website is open 24 hours a day in all locations around the world. So we decided to have an open Surprise Day Sale rather than have it on just one day. What we will do is change the stock over time.  And the stock is limited often one of a kind items. So it is the old "first come first served" sale.

Here is our first item for our Surprise Day Sales:


1000 seed packages!! great prices!!!

    I have acquired a very good supply of Poppy seeds from British Columbia. Enough to grow tens of thousands of plants or more! But stupid me did I ask what TYPE of poppy these were? NOT. My big fear of course was that the damn seeds being from BC were papaver somniferum the Opium Poppy. This would have been a big mistake as I would end up in the big house for many years with a cell mate called Bubba-Joe. So not being entirely stupid I test germinated some seeds last year to see what would happen. 

The seeds did germinate nicely and I was treated to a very attractive pink poppy that I would guess might be the  the Eschscholzia Californic -the California Poppy because they looked very similar and were about 10" high. They looked very nice! Thank God the Opium poppy did not make its appearance. 

I have packaged the poppies so that you have approximately 1000 seeds to the package which should give you more than enough to plant in your garden or field. if you check around you will see that poppy seeds are often packaged with only 50 or 100 seeds per packet so the package we are selling is 10 or 20 times the size of an average package! They like to charge about $5 a package with shipping so if you purchased 1000 seeds from them it would cost you up to$100.00.  We are offering them to you at 75% off!! Not bad eh! 

 Poppy's are a very attractive plant. They grow well in a group and some people claim that poppy's will bring you luck in money love and health. Who knows? They might. I just claim that they look great in a garden! Poppy's are also known as a mystical herb and I suppose that would relate to the papaver somniferum type which is used to produce opium which will most certainly cause you to think you are on the moon or some other spot in outer space. I am not into that mystical herb bit either and all I say here is that poppy's are a very nice flower and our packages will allow you to grow more than you ever wanted. You could even share them with your family and friends and every time they look at the poppies they will think of what a fine person you are. 

The link below shows you how to plant poppy seeds. Pay attention to the point about not planting them too close together and the fact that they don't transplant well. When you plant them too close together (like I did) they come up in a bunch and you need to thin them out so that they will grow.  The reason for this is that they have one big tap root and if you try and transplant the suckers you ruin the root. So they grow best where you plant the seed. They also adapt well to all climates. They need soil that is loose or tilled not firmly packed. (easy just use a shovel and mix up the ground a bit) Poppies are very easy to grow and care for and look great!.

Now for the price.1000 POPPY SEEDS $25  SURPRISE DAY SALE PRICE $12.50 CDN for 1000 poppy seeds and that includes shipping and handling and postage!! That will likely be more than you need but remember they make great gifts for friends and family members too.  We ship anywhere in North America .



Poppies are some of the nicest flowers around and there are lots of different types and colors too! Easy to collect seeds for next years crops and once established you have a 

eBay Poppy growing guide an excellent introduction to poppy growing with detailed instructions how to do it.

Wikipedia guide to Poppies -excellent resource -great links

set and forget garden that provides you with color and joy for years!




TERNER WATCH $50  $25.00


This is an interesting watch! Notice the diamonds in the bracelet? Are they really diamonds? They look like diamonds! I don't think they are diamonds. The watch has a solid feel to it. It has a silver plated finish with some wear showing but it still looks pretty good. The bracelet hinges open so it can fit most women's wrists and it is easy to get into. This Terner watch has a Singapore movement. That is a higher quality than some others like some of the watches from China and if you check them out you will find that Terner watches have a good reputation. 

We were going to ask $50 for this watch because we thought that was fair! But then we decided that if we were having a Suprise Sale we may as well surprise our customers so we decided to cut the price by 50% to $25 cdn.  It will cost about $13 to ship it but we decided to surprise you again so we will only charge half that $6.50 and to surprise you more we will include a free gift with it too. Then carried a bit away I thought why not include a small girl's watch too and make that free! So we did that too!

Remember these are re-cycled watches! They are all cleaned, the batteries are replaced with fresh ones and they are tested and work well. I think that you will enjoy this watch! We just have one.