Everyone likes collecting stuff. And eventually, some of the stuff that we have -we don't want or need anymore. And it starts to pile up! I once got into the habit of collecting boats and while out in BC actually owned nine of them so trust me I understand how this works! 

So we have a choice. We can toss it out, give it away, sell it or trade it or even keep it. Depending on what it is and how much space and resources that we have will help us decide the best approach. 

You could sell what you no longer want then buy what you want but that does take time and sometimes all you need to do is arrange a trade. No money changes hands so you trade what you have for something that you want if if both people are happy this is a very efficient way of getting rid of the stuff you don't want for stuff that you do want! 

At I like to collect older things and then offer them for sale. I like collectables and art and books and vintage items with value in them. Like everyone else I have an option. I could keep them or sell them or trade them for something else. This page offers a trading option for anything or everything that you see.  I will give you a list of some of the things I like to collect. If you see anything on that list that you have and then see something or several things on this website that you would enjoy owning -then possibly we can make a trade! As the owner of a small business I need to sell or trade items to cover my costs and expenses. But I also want happy customers and over the years have shipped and purchased items from all over the world. So we treat our customers very fairly and we have an excellent rating on Ebay and have happy customers all around the world. Here is a list of items we would be interested in trading:

Trade Items Wanted:

Navy and Military collectables (I have served in our Navy and Army and like all military collectables. They mean a lot to me because they connect to our history and those who served. )

Travel Trailer (a smaller travel trailer up to approximately 21 feet in length that is still useable or could be repaired. I have a GMC Jimmy with a travel hitch. I might also consider a larger one but will need a larger truck to haul it. ) 

Cargo Trailer ( covered or open, one or two axles) small to medium size and or a vehicle trailer.)

Motor home ( an older motor home that could still be used and or repaired to be used I once owned a 26 foot Winnebago for several years and loved it!) I realize that when the sit for a while often repairs are required. I don't mind doing that. 

Sail boat ( I lived on a sailboat for three years and would love to do that again! I understand how much work is required to keep them seaworthy and the expenses required to have them docked)

Power boat ( various sizes from small to large!)

Firearms (just about any type rifles, shotguns or handguns as I have a license for both non restricted and restricted. Firearm trades apply to Canada only as they cannot be shipped across our borders without paying several hundred dollars in legal fees) 

Vehicles ( collectable cars, trucks, vans all that could be certified with possible repairs. Unfortunately, we live in a rust belt and at some point the frames and undercarriage on vehicles here are rusted out and not capable of being certified and I would not be interested in them as they can only be used for scrap and parts)

3D Printer (if you have one that works I would be interested in it. The technology here is changing quickly and this is an area I would like to experiment in if possible)

Digital Cameras This is an area where technology is changing rapidly. I once worked as a Professional Photographer with film cameras and now collect digital cameras in good working condition.

ROLEX watches  I have owned several Rolex watches over the years and would be interested in trades for items on this website. 

Miscellaneous Collectables There are many many collectables out there that I might be interested in trading with you.

All trades must be non cash. That means that if you have an item that you wish to trade that picking say a $100 item on the website and then wanting the balance in cash is not an option. Simply pick more things from the website. Unfortunately I am not in a financial position to offer you the items on the website and cash for your trade.

We are located in North Eastern Ontario (North Bay) and Victoria, BC so it may not be possible to trade larger items that are not within driving distance and some items such as firearms can only be traded within Canada as it is not legal to trade firearms across the border. We sell and trade all our items online and do not operate a storefront operation as the cost of them in Canada today is very high and we would need to boost our prices a lot.   Shipping by Canada Post may be a possibility. Expedited parcel usually works very well but even smaller parcels approach $20 in cost.  I would be willing to ship my trade item to you at no cost to you if you would be willing to ship your trade item to me at no cost to me. 

Honesty.  I am an honest person and a senior citizen with lots of experience in business. The stock on this website is fairly priced and accurately described. I do understand that when a person wishes to trade an item -one of the reasons might be that it has problems that need to be fixed before use. That is not a problem but I would appreciate if you let me know what they are.


Just send me an e-mail. It might help to include a picture. Let me know what you would like to trade and then we can start discussing it. We can use e-mail and or a phone or personal contact if you are in the area.  I may also have additional items available that are not on the website at this time. My objective is that both of us would be happy with the trade. I realize that online trades are a bit unusual as most websites offer items imported from China for cash only and the purchasing process is all automated. Our trades would be on an individual basis and both of us need to be happy with it. And it could be fun too!!

Thanks for considering this option and I look forward to hearing from you if you see any items on my website that you would like to have.



Ron Battiston