Project vehicle for sale! 2002 GMC  YUKON 4X4 SUV



This is a vehicle I purchased at a local auction about three years ago and my original cost with tax and delivery was approximately $2500. I then replaced all the brake rotors and pads and that cost another $400 and some miscellaneous parts cost another $250 for a grand total of approximately $3150 plus the many hours I spent on it. At this point in time I have a choice. I can continue on with the project. It does require some more work including a front windshield, repairs to the power steering hoses, better tires, some replaced brake lines. It started to click this year so I took the starter out and so far have not replaced it.  There may be more when a safety is done but I am not aware of anything else at this point. I do think there is potential here as this vehicle is 4 wheel drive and has a trailer hitch and is in good condition inside and the body is pretty solid and the engine seemed to start very quickly and sounds good until this year when it just clicks!   

Your risk here is pretty low. For example for the price I am asking if you took it into your garage and took it apart and sold the parts you would make some money. But if you put the time and effort into it you could have a vehicle that now sells for about $84,500 new for a fraction of the price. 

My asking price is $525  firmSOLD If you have a working truck, a motorcycle, a boat, or even a collection of firearms of the approximate same value I would also be interested in trades. But just a warning -low ball offers are not going to work here as I would rather keep on working on the vehicle rather than give it away. The Yukon is located in North Bay, Ontario and if you are interested please send me an e-mail and we can discuss. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them. And I am an honest guy. I am not out to rip you off I am simply trying to sell my Yukon to somebody who has the skills or helpers get it back on the road and enjoy it. Your risk is low because the price I am asking for it is way less than the parts value for this vehicle.

This model is excellent. Check out the customer reviews on the internet.  The Vortec 4.8 motor has an excellent reputation the vehicle has much more room and safety than a small car and the fact that it has four wheel drive and a trailer hitch makes it much more useful too. 


Please e-mail me with questions SOLD