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Welcome to Vehicle Stuff 

This page contains stuff for your vehicles.  I couldn't think of a better name. We will add to the page as time permits and our first item is a BLAZER backup alarm.  It is a bit of a vintage backup alarm. But it works! In fact it is very loud and it gives a blast then talks to everyone getting their immediate attention. 

The instructions tell you to install the power line to the ground and to to a back up light on the rear of your vehicle. I really don't think that is a very good idea. Why you say?  It is a very loud alarm and in some situations when you back up you do not want this alarm on.  So I would suggest that you run a line up to a switch in the passenger compartment near the driver so when you want a back up alarm you simply flip the switch. The alarm was produced by the Tiger Accessory Group in Lincolnshire Illinois which was founded in 2002 and was manufactured by Blazer in China to a pretty good quality standard. It is new and unused although when I say "new" I mean that it is in it's original packaging and has never been used before. I would call it vintage as it looks to me like it is about 15 or 20 years old.  The price is $25 USD and shipping and handling is $6.50.  


The alarm has a tough plastic body and a gold covered face with a mounting bracket and a small amount of wire. Mounting would be fairly easy for most cars and trucks. I am sure that you will have a lot of fun with this alarm and NOBODY will get in your way when you start to back up. 



 The JML Parking Sensor is an excellent device very easy to install by anyone and it warns you in three steps if you are backing up close to anything like another car or a wall or whatever. You get three warnings starting at a meter away where the warning starts with a slow beep beep. Then when you get 60 cm away the bee beep noise speeds up and finally at 40 cm you get a continual beep beep beep warning. 

You can power it up with 3 AA batteries and I would suggest that this is the best approach. But it also has a line that will plug into a cigarette lighter socket if you wish for vehicles with those sockets. But why do that when you can use the batteries which are inexpensive and easy to install. There are some videos on youtube which you can look at because although this is a vintage Parking sensor it still works well and actually there are advantages over newer systems anyway. Some new cars have parking sensors installed but they are a lot more expensive that this one if you acquire them as an option.  We only have one available. The price is $30 and shipping and handling is $12.50. This is a great way of improving the safety on your vehicle at a very modest cost and saving yourself from getting into accidents where expensive damages occurs. Check out the infomercial on youtube that describes the device. It's a commercial from England. Kind of funny too!



 If you have any questions or suggestions just send an e-mail and I can usually get back to you the same day!  Thanks!