recycled vintage collectables WOMEN'S WATCH COLLECTION

   Just to let you know what I am doing here.   I remove the old batteries and replace them with fresh new ones. Then I test them to be sure they are keeping good time and that everything is working well and the bands are working too. The ones that don't pass the test get removed from our stock and the ones that are clean, working well and in good condition go on our website!  And you end up getting a great vintage collectable watch at a very affordable price. Actually I am not doing this to make money it is a hobby with me and I love watches so I am happy just getting my expenses back. Hope you enjoy theses watches and will be adding more as time permits...



Here we have a collection of women's vintage watches. If you decide to pick more than one we can adjust the shipping costs down. There is just one of each watch so first come first served! 


TERNER Clasp watch good condition dressy looking $15 and $6.50 shipping. Fresh battery!




Suisse red clasp expanding bracelet vintage ladies watch red very good condition, little use, $12 and $6.50 shipping and handling- fresh battery!



Vintage Swep "Beehive" classic watch with the world's ugliest expandable watch band made up of gems and some sort of artistic clay rock like round things. In good condition but there is a small chip on the lower right edge of the face. I am sure that this vintage watch would get noticed! New battery. $10 and $6.50 shipping and handling



Suisse quartz wide style band in very good condition vintage style  $12.50 and $6.50 shipping and handling, very little use very stylish




Gloria Vanderbilt silver colored clasp quartz vintage watch in good condition $12 and $6.50 shipping and handling. I have no idea what those tiny white spots on the picture are because they aren't on the watch!  New battery! Quartz movement.



Rare Suisse vintage watch to match your torn jeans! The "ripped areas" on the band expose red sparkly gems so although it looks like a piece of junk in fact it is in very good condition and will match those people who for some reason like wearing those jeans with horizontal wear marks on the legs.  The picture didn't show the red sparkles very well but trust me they look good. $16 and $6.50 shipping and handling




Now this is an ugly watch. Red Vintage design one you won't see in the stores today Vellaccio New York brand new battery good condition. Yuck. But with the right clothes this would look good! $12 and $6.50 shipping and handling




This is a genuine Casino Rama watch in new condition and it does not look like it was ever used. Likely what happened is that a Casino client got this as a gift and never wore it. In fact the plastic cover on the lens is still on it. Thats why it looks a bit blurred but it really isn't. It even has a genuine leather watch band! Attractive style too. $20 and $6.50 shipping and handling




I doubt that these three watches were every used. They are all the same except that the one on the right has "Good Times" on the face. All are quartz watches and all have new batteries. They are attractive and vintage but my guess is that they were mid range watches and likely sold by a company that provided them for branding and presentations There are sparkles in both the top and bottom of the band and each side has 8 small gems so 16 gems per watch. I have not idea what the gems are but they look good!  When realized that I had three of them it occurred to me that somebody out there would really appreciate having them all.  What if you had three sisters or three daughters or three friends or you had two daughters or Sisters an you wanted each of you to have the same watch. It would be like a team or a family and every time they wore the watch they would think of you!  My guess is that if you bought all three new in boxes you might pay about $80 plus tax for them. But these are recycled watches and I want to get you a good deal. So here is the deal. The price for all three watches is $40 and I will include a couple of free kids watches that also work and also have new batteries in them. The shipping and handling will be $8.50 and we just have this one lot of them so its the old first come first served deal.